Since I recently reached 400 followers, it was my 18th birthday, and the list I made last december is now outdated as hell, I thought it was time for a new one. Here’s to my insanely talented and inspiring friends -plus people I admire from a distance- who make the bad parts of this place seem irrelevant and put up with me and my unhealthy obsession with a certain game series. You are badass babes.

Here’s also the blogroll.

a, b, c: and-rohan-will-answer, assassysin, chainedtoacomet, chiakinananmi, chromiumred, clayton—carmine, coulsonsss

d: damon-baird, damonsbaird, deviltriggered, devirnis, duchashkaa,

f, g, h, i: forerunnerr, frontierr, frosssty, garronpaduk, grognaks, hazado, helila, heroicworld, iwannaplaygames

l, m, n, o: leon-s-kennedy, lyriumnug, magshilo, marcusfenix, marksmanofshieldx, miristrahovski, n7-fury, neirra, niko-laii, organsofsight

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u, v, w, x: uranya, velvetrebel, vitosscaletta, voidhound, vveaponx, watchingrorschach, witsplinter, xercity

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